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Usability analysis and interface design

Usability analysis helps detect functionality problems on your website, which can result in lower conversion rates even with a relatively high number of visitors. Usability improvements can raise conversion rates to 40%, and in some cases even higher.

PPC for branding

PPC for Branding solves all your branding needs by spreading information about your business goods or services, while at the same time building your demand on the market.

PPC Campaign Setup

The PPC campaign setup is for businesses that want to handle online advertising on their own. Certified PPC experts are entrusted with the successful setup and launch of your campaign.

PPC Campaign Audit

The goal of the campaign audit is to increase the effectiveness of the client’s PPC campaigns. Based on a detailed analysis, our specialists compile a comprehensive list of recommendations for optimizing the PPC campaigns.

Search Engine Penalty Removal

When Google penalizes a website, it uses filters that abruptly decrease the site’s position in the search engine results page (SERP). As a result, the site’s traffic and profitability decrease as well. We analyze the internal structure of the site, fix errors and research the site’s backlinks. We send all necessary queries to Google technical support.

Individual Consultation with an Expert

Netpeak provides consulting services for those who want to widen their knowledge of online marketing. We offer both paid and free consultation.

We are a marketing and software company with a focus on SEO and PPC services

Netpeak Spider uses our own robot to scan websites and export the main SEO parameters. It calculates internal PageRank, analyzes incoming, outgoing and internal links, is able to work with proxy servers, offers flexible scanning configurations, and has the ability to export data to Excel.

Netpeak Checker is a unique tool developed for the mass analysis and comparison of websites across a wide range of parameters. It analyzes key SEO indicators on your website’s pages and compares them with your competitors’. The results are sorted by set parameters. Netpeak Checker is able to work with proxy servers and is compatible with Antigate.

ROI-Oriented Business Approach


The purpose of our company is simple: to use internet marketing to increase your sales. Working with Netpeak, you invest in your business’s future profitability. Your business gets back what it invests, and gets a profit as well.

A Website that Sells + Brand Awareness

An ingenious use of marketing tools and the work that we do does not only increase sales — it continually improves your website. As we continue to advertise, your brand awareness increases as well. Our private Netpeak dashboard helps you track your growth.

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  1. Small and medium sized businesses in all industries.
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  3. Web portals.
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