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SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a work on creating recognizability, loyalty and involvement of brand's target audience in social networks. Within this service we develop promotion strategy, based on the goals and potential target audience, on which the product or brand is focused.

Within this service we create selling page for a site. Landing pages are used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising. The main goal of these pages is to convert ordinary visitor into a customer.

The analysis will help to detect functional problems of your website which is a consequence of the low conversion rate while the number of visitors is quite high. Improving site's usability can raise the conversion rate to 40% and even higher.

This service will be useful to those clients who prefer to work independently with their accounts and increase their skills and knowledge in PPC advertising. Involving certified specialist into the work will correct errors in account and make the advertising campaign more effective.

The purpose of this service is increasing of the efficiency of client's PPC advertising campaigns. After the detailed research our experts will provide you with a clear list of recommendations that will help to optimize the campaigns.

When Google penalizes sites, it decreases site's positions in search results. As a result, decrease site's attendance and profitability. We will analyze the internal structure of the site and fix the errorst, research external links to the site and take care of sending all the necessary queries to Google technical support.

Textual content of the site is not only one of the most important components of internet promotion, but the main way to communicate with customers in the web. It increases brand loyalty and sales. Our content specialists will analyze texts and elements that go with them and create guidance for content improvement.

This service is for those who are only planning to start site's promotion. We research searching demand, competitors in the niche and give recommendations about site improvement, based on this information.

Netpeak provides consulting services for all who want to widen their knowledge in the internet marketing. We offer both paid and free consultations.

We are technological software company with focus on SEO and PPC services

Netpeak Spider is developed for scanning the sites and exporting the main SEO parameters of pages by own robot. It calculates internal PageRank, analyzes incoming and outgoing internal links, can work throw proxy servers and offers flexible scanning configuration and possibility to export data to Excel.

Netpeak Checker is a program developed for the mass analysis and comparison of websites on wide range of different parameters. There is a possibility of saving the specified array and exporting data to Excel. Netpeak Checker is characterized by high speed of operating, a large amount of the analysed data and wide opportunities of program use. The program works via proxy servers and supports Antigate service.

ROI-oriented business approach


Our company's main focus is internet marketing for business, and the goal of using different tools is increasing the sales. Working with us, you invest into your business's future and get ROI — return on investment.

Selling site and brand awareness

Competent use of internet marketing tools together with the full range of work done to the site don’t lead only to the growth of sales, but also constantly improve your site. You can see these changes in client's Private dashboard. Our work also leads to formation of media weight and brand awareness, that grow while advertising in the Internet.

Our clients

  1. Small and medium business of all niches.
  2. Online-shops and different e-commerce projects.
  3. Portals.
  4. Services.

There are 95 netpeakers.

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We continue to publish tips for Netpeak Spider users. Today, we will tell how to use Netpeak Spider to develop competitive intelligence.


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