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Since 2006, we've been helping companies, brands, and products that invest in digital marketing lead the way.

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Earned & Owned Media

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
In our 17 years of operation, more than 1,500 websites have increased their owners' income thanks to the work of our specialists. Could the next one be yours?
Helping improve online reputation for companies and brands that care about it.
SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Effectively promote brands using social media, targeted advertising and influencers. The communication strategy will help you build a loyal audience and increase sales.
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
Achieve the best results without increasing the cost of attracting traffic. Our data-driven approach generates more inquiries and more sales for your business.
Email & Direct Marketing
We monetize your contact base, turn website visitors into subscribers, increase conversion rates at all stages of the sales funnel. Increase loyalty, average check and purchase frequency.
Chatbots Development
Improve the experience and speed of interaction with your users with state-of-the-art online communication tools.
Ad Monetization
Monetize and optimize ad placements on websites and video platforms with Google Ad Exchange.

Paid Media

Contextual Advertising
Increase sales and conversions by engaging users who are most interested in your products or services.
Targeted advertising
Attract the attention of your target audience and promote your product using the full power of targeted advertising and various social media formats.
Google Shopping (Shopping Campaigns)
Be there for your customers when they need you. Offer your products to users when they are actively looking for them.
Programmatic & Video
Shape your brand voice and identity by inspiring trust and user loyalty. Make them choose you over your competitors so your brand is always there for them.
Outreach & Linkbuilding
Improve positions and increase the authority of your site with quality links from our own donor base.
B2B Lead Generation
Working in B2B? Set up a scalable lead generation system and load your sales team's calendars with meetings with potential clients.

Mobile App Marketing

ASO (App Store Optimization)
Get maximum reach to your target audience on the App Store and Google Play. Utilize maximum search queries to get organic installs from interested users.
ASA (Apple Search Ads)
Promote your app with ads in the AppStore. Strengthen your organic position and get more users where they are looking for your solution.
User Acquisition
Expand your audience beyond traditional mobile app stores. Engage users from across the web by choosing the best platforms and formats to scale.
Localization of Mobile Applications
Enter new markets and conquer them! Your app can be popular with users all over the world.

Digital Intelligence

Web Analytics
Learn more about your users with relevant and reliable data. Optimize your marketing spend, maximizing efficiency and ROI.
Analytics for Mobile Applications
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your users, their preferences and behavior to improve your marketing strategy. Choose from three of the most popular mobile analytics platforms: AppsFlyer, Firebase or Adjust.
Marketing Analytics Services and Data Visualization
Combine data from multiple sources to get a holistic view of your business. CRM, advertising rooms, telephony, ERP - data from all sources in one place to make quality management decisions.
Setting up Google Analytics 4
Why did they do this if everything was so familiar in Google Analytics 3? We don't know, but we can help you set up the new tool and understand all the metrics.

Marketplace Marketing

Amazon Marketing Services
Increase sales and attract new customers. Provide a comprehensive approach, including product list optimization, advertising campaigns and analytics. We will help you take a leadership position on this platform.
Etsy Marketing Services
Increase your sales and attract more customers. We offer optimization of your store, keywords and descriptions, as well as setting up advertising campaigns to increase the visibility of your brand.
eBay Marketing Services
We provide ad optimization, keyword optimization and pricing strategies to increase visibility and sales. Our experts know how to capture buyers' attention and give you a competitive advantage. Our team can help you grow your business and succeed on eBay.


Marketing Consultancy
Build your own marketing system with the best practices and expertise of our experts.
HR & Recruiting for Marketing Teams
Helping you find talented professionals who fit the needs of your marketing team and can achieve your goals.

Why choose us


Clients come when they see our case studies and portfolio.

They choose us based on our business proposals and strategies. But they only stay with us due to our focus on results, customer acquisition strategies, and delivering revenue that greatly exceeds promotion costs.

That's why our average length of a client-agency relationship is 23 months. Please check out our case studies.


We have a team of 132 marketing professionals at Netpeak, ready to help promote your business.

For the past 16 years, we've worked in various international markets, and completed over 3 000 successful projects.

The marketing professionals on our team have 187 global advertising and analytics certificates to back up their expertise. All of these factors reduce the risk of your online advertising investments.


The secret to success for any digital business is process automation.

Not only does process automation allow us to provide high-quality and efficient services, it also makes our work clear and transparent.

Monthly planning, SCRUM, checklists, workflow automation, and multilevel quality control systems — these are just some of the things that we do to ensure your success.


We've been working with businesses for over 16 years. As such, we understand and are prepared for the challenges that may arise.
We believe in honesty and transparency; if we identify a problem or if a solution doesn't meet your requirements, we will have an honest and direct conversation with you on our proposed method for solving the issue.
Check out our client portfolio where you will be sure to find businesses and products that are similar to yours. Additionally, feel free to subscribe to our industry blog and become one of our 300 000 regular readers. Of course, you can always visit one of our industry events to learn more about our approach.

Technological efficiency

Our agency has developed a number of marketing and analytics tools used by marketing specialists worldwide. In fact, our product department has a separate team that is dedicated to further optimizing our workflows and developing new scripts and technologies. We constantly strive to work more quickly and efficiently.

What does this mean for you? We perform tasks much more efficiently for the same cost, allowing you to achieve faster growth than your competitors.

Here are the marketing and analytics tools developed by our specialists.


To provide measurable goals for every process, regular communication, and automated reporting, we've developed the Netpeak Client Dashboard.

You can track project KPIs, evaluate the success of ad campaigns, monitor task progress, and contact your account managers at any time.

Martech solutions by Netpeak group

Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO platform able to conduct competitor and website analysis, and track your site's ranking, backlinks, and content quality.

Serpstat enables businesses to perform keyword research for web pages, both new and existing. It can also detect critical errors that impact search rankings and provide detailed instructions on how to fix these. Serpstat enables you to perform a vast array of tasks that are part of the SEO team's workflows.

Ringostat is an innovative platform that provides end-to-end analytics, call tracking, and a virtual PBX all-in-one single system.

Ringostat can integrate sales and marketing efforts; with its single interface, you can track ROI, conversions, and calls. Its key features include end-to-end analytics, call tracking, callback, virtual PBX, Analytical Assistant, Sales Manager, and an inbuilt smartphone in a browser. Ringostat is also listed as a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

Netpeak Software includes desktop tools for SEO specialists and webmasters.

  • Netpeak Spider is a tool that enables you to perform regular SEO audits, quick error detections, system analysis, and web scraping.

  • Netpeak Checker is a useful tool for scraping search results and aggregating data from top SEO resources. It allows you to analyze and compare multiple websites.

Academy Ocean helps employees to adapt more quickly, saves time for both managers and employees, and makes learning fascinating and engaging.

Our Cases


Traffic from search engines grew up

VIN number website promotion on low frequency queries in US: 681% of traffic growth in 6 months


increased ROMI

How to reduce advertising costs and increase ROMI by 772% — Autobaza case study

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Meet our team

Artem Borodatyuk

Founder Netpeak Group

Dmytro Skliar

CEO of Netpeak Agencies Group

Andrii Chumachenko

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Bauyrzhan Toktagazy

CEO of Netpeak Kazakhstan

Olha Pachesna

Chief Operating Officer

Mykhailo Karboinov

Chief Product Officer

Nadiia Vildiaieva

Chief Financial Officer

Gennadii Vorobyov

CEO at Netpeak Bulgaria

Vladyslav Braganets

Head of Netpeak Alliance

Oleksandr Plutok

Head of SMB Sales

Radomir Novkovich

Founder RadASO

Yurii Gruzynskyi

Head of Enterprise Department

Anton Lypskyi

Head of PPC

Viktoriia Goloverda

Head of SEO

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