Conversion Rate Optimization for Websites and Applications

Perform an audit of your analytics system. Examine user behavior on the site. Find traffic leakage points. Form hypotheses and confirm them through A/B tests.

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According to our statistics, investing even a relatively small amount of money in CRO can get clients a 20% increase in sales.

You don't need to spend your marketing budget on attracting more traffic. Instead, you can get more conversions, orders, and sales from the traffic that is already on the site.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of improving the percentage of users who take a desired action on your website or application. This can include actions like making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, downloading an app, or completing a registration form. The main goal of CRO is to convert visitors into engaged users or customers.

Increase ROI by optimizing conversion rates

The main purpose of a website is to immediately interest the customer and lead them through the sales funnel. Unfortunately, most businesses just attract a lot of traffic to their websites. They do not analyze in detail how the site affects conversions, even though this is something that should be done constantly to get the best results from the traffic received. As a result, many businesses increase their advertising budgets when they can use the same budget to get more customers and profits.

Our CRO services will allow you to:

1. Increase your profits

Increasing the conversion rate means increasing the number of customers making purchases on the website, which in turn increases the profit of the business.

2. Spend your budget more efficiently

Conversion rate optimization can reduce your advertising and marketing costs because improving conversion rates allows you to reach more customers for the same amount of money.

3. Improve your reputation

A high conversion rate indicates that the website is an effective tool for attracting customers, which has a positive impact on the reputation of the business.

4. Gain a competitive advantage

Optimizing conversion rates on your website gives you an advantage over competitors: your website will attract more customers, popularize its brand, and give users a more positive website experience.

Who needs conversion rate optimization?

All sites that drive traffic and lead customers specifically to the site.
Here are a few examples of different situations:

  • You work with large volumes of paid traffic. After optimization, the business will earn more while advertising costs remain the same;
  • You work in a niche with expensive traffic or a gray area. This is especially true for foreign projects. Google Ads is a system in which there is a constant increase in the cost per click. With CRO on the other hand, the level of income rises not due to new traffic, but due to the traffic that is already on the site;
  • You have a poor conversion rate on your site. When traffic is bought, but the conversion rate wants better. For example, when you know for sure that your competitors have more traffic and the conversion rate is also higher.

*Important! To work with conversion optimization, we will have to make changes to the design and conduct A/B testing of hypotheses that will be formed in the analysis process. Therefore, you should have a technical team, designers, and layout designers on your side. We can also recommend agencies that provide these services from the list of our proven partners.

What do we do for CRO?

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Stage 1 (up to 30 days)

1. Project Analysis:

  • Review and testing of analytics systems;
  • Hotjar/Clarity setup;
  • Event setup in Google Tag Manager for transfer to Google Analytics;
  • Looker Studio report creation;
  • Event map creation.

2. Prioritization of pages for CRO:

  • Q&A session with PM, IM, and DH, project owner and analyst/marketer;
  • Analysis of user actions on the website;
  • Analysis of competitors and best practices.

3. Development of a task plan for priority pages of the site (1 page—1 month):

  • Prioritization of pages for optimization;
  • Meeting with the current project team (in case of cooperation on SEO, PPC or other services) to synchronize processes;
  • Preparation of a document with a task plan for optimization of each type of page;
  • Coordination of priorities and task plan with the client.

Stage Two (monthly, for approximately 4 months)

4. Page Optimization:

  • Prioritization of hypotheses for improving the user interface for the target page;
  • Implementation of the new user interface on the website (client-side);
  • A/B testing of hypotheses;
  • Analysis of data from A/B testing in the previous month and formation of conclusions (on the second month of the second stage, when data will be collected for the first optimized page);
  • Development of a report based on the results of page optimization.

Stage Three (monthly at the client's request, after optimization of all pages)

5. CRO Support (after optimization of all types of pages):

  • Conversion monitoring on optimized pages;
  • Monitoring of user actions;
  • Monitoring of the user journey on the website;
  • Preparation of recommendations (if necessary) for new page optimization;
  • A/B testing;
  • Preparation of a monthly report.

What results will you get?

1. Improved site UX/UI, and users will find it easier and more enjoyable to interact with the site
2. Increase in income
3. Reduce the costs of attracting clients
4. Growth in ROAS and ROI
5. In some cases, an increase in the average check

Example of the impact of CRO on Google Ads

Key Business Metrics

Before CRO

After CRO

Advertising Budget (Google Ads)
10 000 USD
10 000 USD
Average Purchase Value
40 USD
40 USD
Cost Per Click (CAC)
0,20 USD
0,20 USD
50 000
50 000
Visitor-to-customer conversion rate
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
20 USD
10 USD
Customer Acquisition Cost Reduction (CAC Reduction)
20 000 USD
40 000 USD

Conversion Rate Optimization
What’s in it for you?

CRO allows you to generate more revenue without increasing advertising costs. By directly influencing the conversion rate, you influence sales. See how it works.
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Why do online businesses choose Netpeak?


Clients often contact us when they see our case studies and portfolios. They start working with the agency thanks to our clear proposal and high-quality strategy. But the financial results keep them working with us: an increase in the number of clients, revenue growth, and profit that exceeds promotion expenses.

That is why the average duration of cooperation between the client and Netpeak is 23 months.


For any service business, perfecting workflow processes is the secret to success. This is what allows us to maintain our level of quality and remain clear and predictable for you — our client.

Monthly planning, SCRUM, checklists for all routine operations and multi-level quality control — all of these allow your team to be in constant synchronization with our experts and achieve your business goals.


Since 2006, we've been working with businesses who want to profit from online marketing, and we are upfront about our victories and our failures. You can check out our client portfolio and read clients’ reviews about working with us —  for sure you'll find familiar brands or sites similar to yours.

You can also become one of the 300,000 long-time readers of our blog, where we share our experiences. And of course, you can always come to one of our industry events to get to know us and our approach in person.


Our agency has produced several marketing and analytical software products, and these are used by specialists all over the world. We have a separate team in our production department that constantly develops technology and scripts to automate and speed things up.

What does this mean for you? You get more completed tasks for the same money, and your marketing produces results faster than your competitors.


Regular communication, measurable goals for each process, and automated reporting — we have developed the Netpeak Customer Profile to ensure transparent workflows for all.

At any given time, you can see key project metrics, view progress on tasks, and contact those responsible.

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How much does CRO cost?

The cost of a website conversion rate increase service can vary depending on many factors, such as the size of the site, the complexity of the project, the number of changes that need to be made, and more.

Is there a timeline for this process?

The first phase of setting up analytics and data collection takes a month. In the second month, hypotheses will be formed and A/B tests will be launched. Tests can last from a week to a month. But the service would have become cyclical at this point: while A/B tests are running, the next analysis and hypotheses are being prepared.

Do you need a designer on the client side? What about a developer?

You'll need a designer and a developer to set up a page with an alternate design for the A/B test. If you don't have such people, we can provide specialists from Netpeak or our partners.

How long does it take to see the results of the CRO service?

You'll see the effects of CRO as soon as you get the results of the A/B tests and the implementation of the alternative design.

How do I know if I need a one-time audit or a regular service?

If you're constantly investing in marketing and your design is flexible enough, a regular CRO may suit you better. On the other hand, if you want to get the most hypotheses and insights about your users, select the strongest ideas, and implement them right away, then it's better to choose a CRO audit.

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Thank you for reaching out. You have taken the first step towards a fantastic marketing campaign.

Our expert will contact you within 1 business day to answer all of your questions.

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