Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1. Terms and Conditions

This SLA sets out the standards of negotiation and provision of services at Netpeak digital marketing agency.
"Contractor" is the Netpeak Agency representative.
"Client" is a person who uses the services of Netpeak.
1.1. Software used by Netpeak in the service delivery process:
Netpeak Client Dashboard — is an online service that stores information about the services provided by Netpeak employees.
Google Calendar to schedule and coordinate online/offline meetings.
Google Meet, Zoom, Skype for video meetings and online conferences.
Planfix — is an online service to set, maintain, and fix project tasks, as well as communicate on key tasks.
E-mail — is a service of electronic correspondence to discuss key agreements, record agreements, and exchange key documents.
Messengers Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber — are electronic correspondence services for prompt communication and getting quick responses.
1.2.The roles of Netpeak Agency employees (project team):
Sales Development Representative (SDR) — is a marketing specialist, responsible for first contact with the client, detailing the request, fixing the initial information on the project, and assigning the request to a specialist with the appropriate specialization.
New Business Manager (NB) — is a client relations specialist, who sets the client's goals and objectives, prepares and presents a commercial proposal, organizes the primary documents, forms the project team, and is in charge of the service delivery start and quality control of its implementation.
Project Manager (PM) — is a specialist whose task is to manage the project in general: set priorities, plan tasks, control, communicate with the client, and solve problems quickly. This is the main employee who keeps the client informed about the project progress.
Internet Marketer (IM) — is a production department specialist, who is engaged in technical setup and project management, providing technical requirements, optimization, and promotion, as well as maintenance of the various systems used in the service delivery process.
Account Manager (AM) — is a financial department specialist, who is in charge of the client document flow.
Team Leader (TL) — are leaders of the management and production teams. They manage the teams, distribute the workload within the team, monitor the quality of project management, assist in strategy development, and supervise the professional growth of their subordinates.
1.3. Netpeak employees evaluate the services provided based on specific and measurable performance metrics:
When evaluating the effectiveness of the delivered services, the contractor relies on the data of measurable indicators, which can be obtained with the help of Google Analytics, CRM systems, and telephone call analytic system: lead/request, CPA, CR, CTR, ROI, ROMI, CRR.
Performance data presented without sources and which cannot be measured in numerical value are considered a recommendation and can only be used as part of the hypothesis.
Performance reporting is generated by a specialist no more than once a month unless the agreement provides another option.
1.4. Netpeak undertakes the obligation not to disclose client data to persons who do not interact with the project:
The Contractor assumes the obligation not to disclose confidential information received in the course of negotiations, correspondence, in the process of providing services, or other interactions.
The Client has the right to sign an additional non-disclosure agreement.
All email correspondence from/to an agency employee is done using corporate email

2. Negotiation and Service Standards

2.1. The stage of preparing a commercial offer:
The Contractor undertakes to contact the client within the first eight working hours of the request.
The presentation of SEO and PPC services takes place in the format of a DEMO presentation at a face-to-face meeting or a video conference.
Preparation of a commercial offer takes no more than three business days from the date of receipt of all necessary data, including access details and expert evaluation by the agency specialists.
Preparation of expert evaluation by the specialists (if necessary) takes no more than five business days.
The client undertakes to provide answers to all of the Contractor's questions necessary to prepare a commercial offer.
2.2. Service delivery stage:
The Contractor guarantees to provide project services within two business days after payment confirmation.
The Contractor undertakes to respond to any client request within eight business hours unless additional data is required to respond. Otherwise, the Contractor must give an answer on the terms for providing a response to a client request.
The working hours of employees are the period of time from 9.00 to 18.00 on weekdays in accordance with national law.
The Contractor guarantees at least one monthly meeting (online or offline) with the client.
The Contractor guarantees to provide the service plan within seven business days from the start of the reporting period.
The Contractor guarantees to provide a report on the services provided for the reporting month within seven business days after the end of the reporting period.
The Contractor undertakes to provide the following services within the first three working weeks if the Client has supplied all necessary data:
  • Inform the team about the requirements and goals of the project.
  • Create and agree on a short-term action plan for the project.
  • Create and provide technical requirements to install tracking codes and prepare advertising materials.
  • Check the setting of goals to ensure that the promotion results are correctly tracked.
The Contractor will summarize all meeting results and transcribe them in an email.
The Client undertakes to provide project participants with all necessary access details and information to implement the project.
The Client is guaranteed the transfer of all intellectual property rights that were created as part of the services.
The Contractor conducts customer surveys to measure customer service performance.
The Contractor guarantees a detailed evaluation of problematic issues and the involvement of department managers tin their resolution.

2.3. Document management:

The Contractor prepares the agreement within two working days after providing legal details and necessary documents, depending on the selected legal form of organization.
The Contractor guarantees a payment invoice that will be sent three days before the end of the prepaid period.
The Contractor guarantees the provision of acts on the provision of services and other closing documents within five working days from the date of the service provision or upon request.
These Terms of Service quality standards are guaranteed in the case of an active agreement and an advance payment for the service provision.
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