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Сomplex strategies for Pay Per Click and targeted advertising

For the past sixteen years, we've been creating pay per click advertising for brands and companies in response to the demands of their target audience.

We use a full range of tools for pay per click and targeted digital advertising to reach the right person at the right time in the right place.

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Most of the agencies are action-oriented, not result-oriented. However, at Netpeak, workflow automation and return on ad spend are the key factors of the PPC 2.0 service provided by our specialists.

Our expert team manages your ad budget and target audience, not keywords and bids.

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We can optimize the following KPIs for your business:

Cost per lead
Cost per order
Cost revenue ratio
Return on marketing investment

Our PPC services

PPC 2.0 is our ROI-oriented approach to setting up and managing PPC advertising campaigns. We use a See-Think-Do-Care framework and optimize advertising channels based on particular tasks related to the sales funnel stage.

'See' stage: Awareness

Target audience: Broad audience size. Customers are unaware of your product or brand, they don't know your product can fulfill their needs or solve their problems.

Tasks: To generate demand, draw attention to the product and reach a wider audience through advertising.

Tools: Display advertising, video advertising, targeted advertising.

KPIs: Market coverage, number of touchpoints, brand awareness, number of new visitors and engagement.

Goals: To raise brand awareness, convey a brand message, and increase the number of customer touchpoints.

'Think' stage: Demand

Target audience: Medium audience size. Customers have problems to solve and need to fulfill but they are unaware of your product. They either don't know how to solve their challenges or solve them with another product.

Goals: Help the target customer understand the benefits of the product, and how it can solve their challenges.

Tasks: Convey the advantages of a product and examples of its usage. Reach a broader audience.

KPIs: CTR, bounce rate, and micro conversions which will help us conduct detailed analysis during the next stage.

Tools: Pay-per-click advertising, display advertising, video advertising, targeted advertising.

'Do' Stage: Choice and transaction

Target audience: Narrow audience size. The customer is ready to purchase and is looking for a better product or service.

Goals: To convince customers to buy a product focusing on its benefits and USP.

Tasks: To convey personalized messages with a relevant offer and a persuasive call to action.

Tools: Pay-per-click advertising, remarketing, marketplaces, and price comparison websites, targeted advertising.

KPIs: Cart abandonment rate, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost/transaction cost, ROI.

'Care' Stage: Recommendations and repeat purchases

Target audience: clients who placed an order or completed a transaction.

Goals: Encourage repeat purchases.

Tasks: Sales promotions, loyalty programs, cross-selling, and encouraging repeat purchases.

Tools: Targeted advertising, remarketing.

KPIs: Conversion rate, ROI, revenue per user.

PPC management tools

Search advertising

Pay-per-click advertising in search engines is a text ad displayed by search engines in response to a query by a user.

It drives more website conversions, reaching the most relevant audience interested in your products or services.

Shopping ads

Shopping ads are ads that include rich product information, such as a product image, price, and merchant name. We can create shopping campaigns using Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Management is especially effective for eCommerce businesses.

Banner advertising

A popular form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. Flexible targeting allows you to reach different customer segments (e.g., demographic or behavioral).

It's also an excellent tool to raise brand awareness.

Video advertising

Uploading videos to YouTube and other video hosting services is a great user engagement tool that helps you build a positive image of your company in the mind of your target audience. It's an excellent tool to increase brand awareness.

This channel has lots of formats and flexible targeting options.

Remarketing and retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting allows you to show ads to users who have already visited your website or engaged with your website content (e.g., viewed your videos on YouTube).

This way, you can keep visitors coming back to your website and encourage repeat purchases.

Social media targeting

Personalized advertising on social media networks allows you to target an audience based on characteristics such as age, gender, geography, common interests, marital status, education, job, and family events (e.g., engagement).

It's an excellent tool for building both brand awareness and direct sales.

Marketplaces and price comparison websites

Advertising on various marketplaces and price comparison websites allows you to reach people who compare product features, prices, providers and are ready to make a purchase.

The advertising is feed-based, and the ads appear in the corresponding section of a marketplace.

Advertising networks and traffic providers we work with

Why choose Netpeak?


Clients come when they see our case studies and portfolio.

They choose us based on our business proposals and strategies. But they only stay with us due to our focus on results, customer acquisition strategies, and delivering revenue that greatly exceeds promotion costs.

That's why our average length of a client-agency relationship is 23 months. Please check out our case studies.


We have a team of 132 marketing professionals at Netpeak, ready to help promote your business.

For the past 16 years, we've worked in various international markets, and completed over 3 000 successful projects.

The marketing professionals on our team have 187 global advertising and analytics certificates to back up their expertise. All of these factors reduce the risk of your online advertising investments.


The secret to success for any digital business is process automation.

Not only does process automation allow us to provide high-quality and efficient services, it also makes our work clear and transparent.

Monthly planning, SCRUM, checklists, workflow automation, and multilevel quality control systems — these are just some of the things that we do to ensure your success.


We've been working with businesses for over 16 years. As such, we understand and are prepared for the challenges that may arise.

We believe in honesty and transparency; if we identify a problem or if a solution doesn't meet your requirements, we will have an honest and direct conversation with you on our proposed method for solving the issue.

Check out our client portfolio where you will be sure to find businesses and products that are similar to yours. Additionally, feel free to subscribe to our industry blog and become one of our
300 000 regular readers.

Of course, you can always visit one of our industry events to learn more about our approach.

Technological efficiency

Our agency has developed a number of marketing and analytics tools used by marketing specialists worldwide. In fact, our product department has a separate team that is dedicated to further optimizing our workflows and developing new scripts and technologies. We constantly strive to work more quickly and efficiently.

What does this mean for you? We perform tasks much more efficiently for the same cost, allowing you to achieve faster growth than your competitors.

Here are the marketing and analytics tools developed by our specialists.


To provide measurable goals for every process, regular communication, and automated reporting, we've developed the Netpeak Client Dashboard.

You can track project KPIs, evaluate the success of ad campaigns, monitor task progress, and contact your account managers at any time.

Advertising and analytics automation tools that we use

Ringostat is an innovative platform that provides end-to-end analytics, call tracking, and a virtual PBX all-in-one single system.

Ringostat can integrate sales and marketing efforts; with its single interface, you can track ROI, conversions, and calls. Its key features include end-to-end analytics, call tracking, callback, virtual PBX, Analytical Assistant, Sales Manager, and an inbuilt smartphone in a browser. Ringostat is also listed as a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

OWOX is a deep web analytics service.

It helps you extract data from websites, connect data from multiple sources, build custom metrics that are essential for your business (e.g. multi-touch revenue attribution, ROPO, conversion tracking at different levels of engagement), and use these analytics to drive strategic business decisions.

A Measurement Protocol is used for data transfer.

Power BI is used to create custom reports that combine data from advertising systems and web analytics set up for a project. Power BI dashboards allow you to see all of your KPIs in one place:

  • costs, CPC, CTR from different sources;

  • missing transactions and loss of income due to restricted budget and low quality score;

  • budget shortfall and recommendations on how to manage budget;

  • account quality components (ad relevance, landing page experience and expected CTR) and the way they affect CPC, clicks, CTR;

  • CРО and CPL dynamics, the dynamics of a budget shortfall, lost revenue, etc.

Our internal notification system keeps a marketer informed on the progress and errors that occur while working on a project. Currently, we offer reports of the following issues:

  • problems with Google Analytics code on a website;

  • traffic issues (abnormal traffic, traffic drops);

  • sudden spikes and drops in the number and cost of conversions;

  • financial issues on Google Ads and Facebook Ads;

  • ad efficiency on different devices;

  • CPC traffic efficiency concerning different age groups;

  • ad efficiency at a different time;

  • locations of users who clicked on ads.

Scripts, rules and workflows developed by our specialists make account management fast and efficient. Here are some examples of our scripts:

  • disable ads for out-of-stock items;

  • shopping campaign scripts to automate the bidding processes;

  • remove ineffective marketplace ads;

  • update prices in ads;

  • negative keyword conflicts;

  • check UTM;

  • check the website for 404, 500 and other errors;

  • notifications of your account balance;

  • stop and launch a scheduled campaign at a defined time;

  • add extensions for all the campaigns of the account;

  • remove duplicate keywords.

Our managers also use reports to manage team performance. This enables us to detect problems with projects promptly:

  • monitoring the specialist's Google Ads, Facebook account activity;

  • monitoring the project activity reports;

  • monitoring the writing of project activity reports for the previous month at the beginning of a month;

  • track hours worked on projects;

  • notifications of the account expenses and the approximate amount of commission for the current month.

Our cases


Transaction coefficient increased

Pandora.kz success story: increased transaction coefficient by 65.25%


entrepreneurs ready to launch their stores on OLX.

OLX success story: 50 000 clients, ready to launch their online stores


Revenue growth

Bekker success story: revenue growth by 500%

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Thank you for reaching out. You have taken the first step towards a fantastic marketing campaign.

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