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We will help you increase your website's link mass and set up external SEO optimization through outreach, crowd marketing, or comprehensive link building.

Since 2006, Netpeak has been promoting and optimizing websites for both large and small companies. More than 4,000 clients have already experienced the effects of the performance approach and grown and scaled with us.

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Quality link building is more than just a simple purchase of links to the site. It is a full-fledged strategy to increase the link weight of the resource and its specific pages. We do not place links at random sites but concentrate on getting relevant mentions from appropriate articles and donors.

Link promotion is a great way to increase the weight of the site for search engines and outrun your competitors. If you need to speed up the SEO promotion process, it's worth investing in link building.

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Link building is an SEO strategy that aims to obtain backlinks from authoritative websites to improve search engine ranking.

What tasks does link building solve?

Link building is a great way to increase the weight of your website for search engines and overtake your competitors who are not yet doing it.
By means of high-quality link building, we help our clients reach the top of the search results naturally and organically.
As a result, our clients will receive:
  • A better ranking in search engine results.

  • Growth of the "Domain Rank" of the site for search engines.

  • Links from authoritative websites and customer trust.

Our goal is to bring in future customers, not "traffic". This is the fundamental difference between our approach and that of most online marketing agencies.

Команда Netpeak допоможе вам з мінімальними вкладеннями досягти максимальних результатів

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Why choose Netpeak for link building?

1. Six-month warranty. In the event of link removal, we will restore or replace the articles with links for free.
2. We have been cooperating with certain platforms for a long time, and as a result, our clients can enjoy discounts on these platforms!
3. Transparent pricing. We don't hide commissions or make hidden markups.
4. Documented results. We provide reports and closing documents (certificates of completion).
5. Maximize your budget. We offer the possibility of placing links on platforms at lower prices compared to the prices of exchanges for similar platforms.
6. A wide selection of sites to meet your requirements. We have an extensive database (>15k sites) for the initial purchase, and we can also expand the number of sites according to the client's theme.

Link building services from Netpeak


Publication of backlinks (including anchor links) to your website from other websites through a direct agreement with their owners.

Crowd Marketing

Promotion of the site through links posted on thematic forums, portals, and communities. These links look like ordinary comments.

Complex Link Building

A combination of outreach and crowdsourcing to achieve quicker results and increase the effects of each tool.
These are the goals that our services will help you achieve:
Increase targeted traffic by spreading information about your product among your potential target audience.
Promote brand awareness by posting high-quality content about your services on the most relevant and visited sites.
Boost the visibility of your website pages in search engines by improving the quality and quantity of external links to your website.

Who needs link building?

"Young" sites
If you have recently developed a site or changed CMS, link building will help you at the start of optimization to rank significantly higher in the results and accelerate indexation.
Large projects
In niches with high competition, it is important not only to work upward to build new positions but also to hold the current ones — link building can handle this.
Blogs and media sites
As more resources link to your content, your website increases its chances of ranking highly in search results.

What does link building involve?

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Analysis of link mass and cleaning of profiles

We conduct a link audit of your resource and clean the link mass of irrelevant or spammy links.

Competitor analysis

We check the link profiles of your main competitors. This will help us select relevant donors and form a set of effective actions to promote your project.

Strategy development

We bring together the results of competitor analysis and your current link profile, and we then create a list of donors. With the help of an internal tool, we determine how much your competitors have spent on link promotion and form an approximate cost for you.

Building link mass

At this stage, we have already selected and agreed with you on a set of actions for link promotion. We will start implementing the plan.

Monitoring and optimizing the promotion strategy

We summarize the effectiveness of the chosen strategy, and if something goes wrong, we optimize it to achieve results. If everything is fine, we continue to work according to the chosen scenario.

Report on the results of link building

At the end of the cycle of link building, we will prepare a report for you. You will find out the specific actions and costs that contributed to the results. On the basis of this report, we will be able to prepare a strategy for the next cycle of work.

How is the cost of link building determined?


The cost depends on the number of links to be placed, as well as the pricing policy of the donors.

Crowd marketing

The price depends on the topic of the promoted project and the number of placed links.

Complex link building

The price is determined by the ratio of tools used and the amount of work.

The agency's commission is determined depending on the time spent and additional tasks on our side.

Most of the processes in Netpeak are automated. Not only that, we use our own tools, which will significantly optimize your link promotion budget and save you money.

Automatic site selection

This solution helps our specialists quickly compare the cost of links on Miralinks, GGL, Outreach, PRnews, PRposting, and Collaborator in a single database. Instead of having to manually create a summary table, we have fully automated this process.

What you get: The automation will allow you to save both time and money. You will also get a visual understanding of the cost of links for your topic.

Estimation of competitors' link building budgets

We have an internal tool that allows us to track budgets for external link promotion for companies in the selected niche. This allows us to accurately forecast the necessary budget for link building based on facts and the market situation, rather than pulling numbers out of thin air.

What you get: You will understand the competitors' positions from the point of view of link building. You will also be certain about your budget for promotion and be able to evaluate it from a factual point of view.

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What is the price of the link building service?

The cost of our services may vary depending on various factors: the amount of work, the complexity of the project, and the number of links to be created. The price is calculated individually for each project and starts at a minimum of $1000.

To get an estimate, simply fill out the contact form on the website and our manager will prepare a quote for your project.

What are the most effective link building methods?

There are many methods of link building and the effectiveness of each method depends on the specific situation. We can single out five most common and effective techniques:

  • Creation of high-quality content.

  • Guest posts.

  • Affiliate network.

  • Press releases.

  • Active participation in social networks.

How do I prevent link building from negatively affecting the site’s ranking?

It is important to develop the right promotion strategy and follow these recommendations:

  • Avoid buying links, as it can lead to violations of search engine rules. Instead, focus on organic growth.

  • Focus on getting quality links from authoritative and relevant websites.

  • Try to get links from a variety of sources: blogs, news sites, forums, social networks, etc.

  • Avoid placing links on spammy or low-quality websites.

  • Be active in the online community for your niche. Participate in discussions, comment, and share your knowledge and experience.

Why is it important to analyze link mass?

Link mass (or text anchor) analysis is an important part of your search engine optimization (SEO) and website optimization strategies. It will help you understand how your website is perceived by search engines and users, provide insight into the current situation, and help you identify growth points. For this purpose, we use the leading services, Ahrefs and Serpstat.

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Free consultation
Thank you for reaching out. You have taken the first step towards a fantastic marketing campaign.

Our expert will contact you within 1 business day to answer all of your questions.

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